Websites made simple
responsive, beautiful and functional.

why me?

Custom Designs

Every project is unique and needs its own drawing board. To top it all off your site is responsive, meaning there is one site and it respond to the device it is viewed on.

Flexible Pricing

Everybody has different needs and requirements for their business. A one size fits all pricing doesn't work, so I'll work with you to determine your needs.

Easy to Maintain

Wondering how you'll maintain your site? I finish all my client's websites in a CMS, making it easy for you to keep your content fresh and current.

the details

Hello! I'm Megan Klingaman, a web designer and developer working in Quitman, Texas. For the past five years I have been doing freelance web design and along with my position in advertising and design at a weekly newspaper.

I am very enthusiastic about art, design and the creative process. Web development allows me to combine creativity with technology which is always an interesting challenge.

I'm skilled in responsive web design (RWD), HTML5, CSS, SEO and other various web technologies and languages. I also understand content management systems and I have worked with Wordpress, building custom themes and Perch, a neat little CMS that is proving to be a wonderful end solution.

Besides my obsession with web development, favorite activities include the outdoors, trail riding before hiking, camping, boating, reading and horses.


Website Design and Development

Look for just a little bit of help starting your website or are you looking for the complete package? Either way I'm here to help. I can provide advice and design help to get you up and running.

I can also build the whole package from the ground-up and finish with a content management system (CMS) so it is easy for you to maintain.

Print Design and Production

Whether your project is just an idea or already in the works, I can help you design and print business cards, promotional materials, brochures and anything else needed for your business.